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I've been reading and studying The Federalist Papers for the sole purpose of making them available to the widest possible audience.  I picked up the Federalist Papers because I wanted to understand the original intent of the United States Constitution. I was shocked to discover they cover that and so much more. I was especially excited to learn about the psychology of abuse of power and tyranny.

Mary E. Webster
The Federalist Papers In Modern Language

The Federalist Papers: In Modern Language

My first translation of The Federalist Papers was published in 1999.  When the publisher dropped the book, I published it myself. 

The text is college-age reading-level and not easy to read, but it is much easier than the original text and many people prefer this translation.       $ 19.95 (free shipping)

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The Federalist Papers

Modern English Edition Two

My goal for this second translation of the Federalist Papers was to get it down to 10th-grade reading level. This is still far above popular fiction, but it is a bit like reading Reader's Digest (if you remember that magazine and their books.)  I will be recording an audio version of this book.             $18.95 (free shipping)

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The Federalist Papers Modern English Edition Two
US Constitution Annotated with Federalist Papers in Modern English

The United States Constitution:  

Annotated with The Federalist Papers in Modern English

This is the jewel of my Federalist Papers project.  When I began reading the Federalist Papers I wanted to know what the U.S. Constitution meant to the people who wrote it and the people who ratified it.  Now when I want to find out what a clause in the Constitution means, I turn to it in this book. With this tool, anyone can become a constitutional scholar!       $22.95 (free shipping)

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The Federalist Papers:

Summaries Of The 85 Papers

Universal Index To The Federalist Papers

This is the fastest route to understanding the overall message contained within the Federalist Papers. Even this abridged version has dozens of insights into the Founding Fathers keen insight into human psychology.

The universal index is a bonus.  Use it to look up subjects in any copy of The Federalist Papers.  $11.95 (free shipping)

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The Federalist Papers Summaries of the 85 Papers
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