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Read The Federalist Papers: Analyse Content Yourself

For more than 200 years, The Federalist Papers have been suppressed. Rather than discussing the contents of The Papers, history books and pundits have focused on who wrote them. Or the political atmosphere in 1787. Occasionally, “experts” analyze some of the Papers. The Federalist Papers don’t need to be analyzed; they need to be read. Too much information is lost in an analysis. Just read The Federalist Papers.

In 1989, I graduated with honors from the American Sign Language Interpreter program at St. Paul College. Although the Interpreter’s Code of Professional Conduct covers many issues, the primary goal of an interpreter is to convey the exact message, including the mood and emotions within it. This was the skill I brought to translating The Federalist Papers.

Over the past 25 years, I have written hundreds of essays about subjects covered by the Papers. In each, my goal is to guide the reader to the Papers, which explain concepts more perfectly than I.

I do not understand why the same people who do not attempt to read other great books, including the Bible, in the original language(s), demand that The Federalist Papers be read in the original language. And I really don’t understand why a DVD set teaching the Papers is better that reading a translation of the Papers.

Over 25 years ago, I decided to make The Federalist Papers available to everyone. My total devotion to the Papers led to me living in poverty for all these years. But I still believe this is the very best use of my life. I only get frustrated when people who really love our country are discouraged from using my books to learn more about our beloved Constitution.

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