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I Never Thought The Federalist Papers Would be Popular!

The Federalist Papers can be easy to read and understand. Over 50,000 copies of my translations of the Papers have been sold since 1999. When my first translation was published in 1999, it was unique. In fact, at that time only one other copy of The Federalist Papers was available on Amazon.

(I just added a link to a copy of that original edition on Amazon. Someone appears to be trying to sell a new copy for $90! I'd be happy to sell anyone a copy for $45, but it seems a little silly since the same information can be found in The Federalist Papers: In Modern Language and is available on my website for $19.95!)

In my next blog, I'll explain why you should trust that my translation conveys the meaning of the original text.

Amazon ad for The Federalist Papers In Modern Language
The Federalist Papers In Modern Language

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