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Second Amendment
Our priorities are messed up.
"Hope and Change" disguises tyranny
Tyranny of regulations
". . . this is just too easy . . . and fun . . ."
Tyranny of regulations
"This purchase is denied . . . You have not purchased your mandated amount of broccoli and spinach . . ."
". . . Return that thing to the French . . ."
School choice for the rich and powerful
While the politicians send their little angels to private schools, the Washington poor can only look on!
Politicians act like rulers, not servants
Pelosi: "I want an airplane at least as big as this one."
carbon footprint of the rich and powerful
Obama's carbon footprint
Lawws and regulations lead to tyranny
"This is your King.  New cars will no longer have front tires or wheels, beginning now.  This will create a billions new jobs and lower the price of a new car"
". . . I'll be billing each part separately . . ."
China v. U.S. economy
". . . where did you say you were from?"
"This is GM's new hybrid Barney car, named after the congressman!"
"Aren't you my congressman?"
"I'm in the market for a new White House."
A way to save Social Security and Medicare?
"This is a special shower for old people.."
"Dad, I can't find 'oxymoron' in the dictionary."
"Look under 'obamanomics'!"
Federal Reserve printing money
"That was our Queen.  The King is back from shopping for banks so he will need a few more trillions."
"I'm too old for this."
Nature and earth more important than people.
The year 2010:
Washington State takes out people using banned dish soap as a nature hate crime.
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